The importance of the +27.

Using the dialing code +27 connects your number to your country. 

Have you ever tried to add someone on whatsapp using 0823367344 but reach someone in America??? Replacing the 0 in your number and adding the dialing code +27 avoids mix ups of that nature.

The same goes for any website that may have ‘CALL NOW’ as a dialable link. The call will not go through if it is not a +27 number, in other words - if the number is not written out in full. 

In our new Digital Age it is essential to make sure your clients can get hold of you within seconds or within a short click by presenting a telephone number in full, internationally recognised numbers. 

From there you can find comfort in knowing zero errors are being made by potential clients. Your extra bit of effort will go a long way in making life easy for potential client’s.