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The No Nonsense Group is one of Durban's leading digital marketing agencies... having founded in 1996 in the UK, and opening a Durban office in 2003. TNNG has led the way in integrating direct marketing tactics into digital channels... winning awards and working with leading brands like AEG/Electrolux, uShaka Marine World, Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Zimbali Coastal Resort, Belgotex, Jam Clothing, Food Lovers Market, NWJ Fine Jewellers and Keter.

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The importance of the +27.

Using the dialing code +27 connects your number to your country. 

Have you ever tried to add someone on whatsapp using 0823367344 but reach someone in America??? Replacing the 0 in your number and adding the dialing code +27 avoids mix ups of that nature.

The same goes for any website that may have ‘CALL NOW’ as a dialable link. The call will not go through if it is not a +27 number, in other words - if the number is not written out in full. 

In our new Digital Age it is essential to make sure your clients can get hold of you within seconds or within a short click by presenting a telephone number in full, internationally recognised numbers. 

From there you can find comfort in knowing zero errors are being made by potential clients. Your extra bit of effort will go a long way in making life easy for potential client’s.

The No Nonsense Group (TNNG)

Capturing for the social media second. 

So… We take pictures. We make films.
But unlike a traditional photography studio, we’re capturing for the instant. The social media second – nothing that lasts more that 24 hours.

What are we?
We’re TNNG Capture. We’re not going to give you some marketing mumbo-jumbo about being a photography studio of the future – we’re not. We’re a studio answering your question, "How do I take my brand or service from real life, to real time, online.”

What’s different?
We live in the age of social media. Audiences are actively rejecting advertising. They want authenticity. They are seeing, researching and identifying with brands in a very personal way. Brands have become an extended part of who they are. They socialise with brands. They wear brands. They live brands. They are brands.

So, how do you get someone to become your brand?
It’s simple – you move away from complicated staged photography and into fresh, quick, user-generated type content that people resonate with. Content like their content. Content with truth. Content with life. Content that captures.

What’s in it for you?
We’re so glad you asked…

- In-house content, if you're already a client.
- Quick turn-around time.
- Less cost than a pricey studio.
- No need to outsource your Digital Marketing to other agencies.
- Communication is smooth and effortless.
- No need to brief new agencies about your product.
- Content on your digital platforms, faster.
- More creativity.
- Harness the skills of our team of Digital Creatives.
- In-house Creative Direction.
- Concepts are executed better.
- Direct access to images and videos.
- More control.
- Content that resonates with your audience.
- Content that captures.

What Do we offer?

Studio: Pack Shots / Product Shots
– So, even though we’re not your typical studio, we still offer basic studio services like pack shots and product shots.

Motion: Stop Motion / Live Video / Short Clip Video (<30”) ie Social Video
– We’re keeping things present and one of our key service offerings is Live Video.

Location: Lifestyle Shots / Live Events / Events
– Location based photography offers the connection between the brand and the end-user. This user generated type scenario enables us to create content that is both authentic and in real time.

Editing: Video & Image

What are you waiting for? Capture your customers.